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Support - Capturing Screen Shots

Printing Computer Screens under Windows  


It is often useful to be able to capture an image of a screen to document an error message or a software notice.  Use the following procedures to do this.


Capturing Screens 

Arrange The Screen – Optional - if an error message window covers up an underlying window that shows what was happening at the time of the error, click on the top bar of the error message and drag it out of the way.


Press the Print Screen Key – it is usually located between the F12 key and the Scroll Lock key on the top of your keyboard.  The image of the screen will be captured into memory.

Open a Word Processor – open up Wordpad, or Microsoft Word, or any other word processing software that is handy.  If you use Outlook or a similar desktop product for email, and the configuration supports “Rich Text” or “HTML”, you may open up a new email document.  (Don’t try to use Notepad software.)


Paste the Document on the Page – in your word processing software, choose Paste from the Edit menu, or hold the CTRL key down and type a V.  The image of the screen you captured will appear in your word processing software.

Arrange the Page – Optional – you can change the page format to Landscape mode, or resize the screen image, or write in an explanation, or make any other change you want. 



Transmitting Screens  


Once the image is in your word processor you may print it, fax it or save it to your hard drive.  If it is saved as a file, it can be attached to an email and transmitted.